Kung Fu Bendigo we teach Foshan Wing Chun as taught by late Master Kwok Fu's lineage.
Master Kwok was one of a handful of 1st generation students of late Great Grandmaster Ip Man,
learning from Ip Man in the early 1940's before Ip Man fled to Hong Kong.
Foshan Wing Chun Master Dana P Wong is a Direct Student of Master Kwok Fu and Kung Fu Bendigo is proud to be accepted under him and to teach this Lineage as part of the Qian Li Dao Academy International Family.
Kung Fu Bendigo is also a Proud Member of Kung Fu Wushu Victoria Inc, the state branch of the national peak body for Chinese martial arts in Australia, Kung Fu Wushu Australia.

Foshan is the birth place of Wing Chun. The famous martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee was the student of Ip Man. Foshan Wing Chun is a very popular style of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu Bendigo is a Member of Kung Fu Wushu Victoria Inc. (KWV). KWV is the Victorian State Association recognized by the Victoria State Government and Kung Fu Wushu Australia Limited (KWA) as the Official Governing Body for Chinese martial arts in Victoria. KWA is officially recognised by the Australian Sports Commission and the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) as the Peak Representative Body for Kung Fu/ Wushu in Australia. 
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